36 x 36 inches Cool Gel Pad

36 x 36 inches Cool Gel Pad
Having a restful night sleep in a summer night can be very difficult, as you toss and turn so many times at night. The heat that our body transmits to the bed comes back, making the bed extremely uncomfortable, and very difficult to sleep. Canary Products understands that for many this is a very big problem and has developed a Marcomolecule aqua-compound gel polymer pad with various different sizes to cool down your body as you are sleeping. The Macromolecule aqua-compound gel polymer pad takes your body heat and transmits cooler sensation back to your body, allowing for a very restful sleep for the hot summer days.

Canary Products cool gel pad comes in several sizes, from a gel pad on your pillow to a queen size bed. 

RXL116 is recommended for Twin Bed
$ 62.18